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We met in April 2014 on the first swing dance workshop in Koper, later we started to meet and dance on our own. At first we practiced each Friday evening in local bars and during the summer on the beach. In the meantime we started going to classes in Ljubljana, festivals at home and abroad, improving and expanding our swing dances. Our love for the swing culture prompted us to share this love with more people on the coast, so we established The Swing Freaks.

The Swing Freaks is now active throughout the Trieste-Koper coastal region. We organize classes, swing practice evenings, dance parties, concerts, festivals and picnics. And whenever possible we like to show the world the beauty of swing and jazz dance!

The Swing Freaks exists and continues to thrive because of the energy and vision of many individuals who contribute to the community.

Come, join us, dance with us!

Lindy Hop

Lindy Hop is a dance from the 1930s that has its origin in Jazz music and mostly developed in Harlem, New York City. It was born out of a fusion of several dances, like the Charleston, Breakaway, Solo Jazz and Tap Dance. Lindy Hop is an improvised partner dance that involves elements of solo dancing and leaves extensive room for creativity and musicality. The quintessential step is called the “swingout”.

The swing hype came to an end and Lindy Hop seemed to be buried in oblivion but, thanks to a few committed European and American dancers, Lindy Hop celebrated its big revival in the 1980s.

Lindyhop is predominantly a social dance and improvisation in the dance is an essential part of this. It is danced in couples and the two roles are called "leader" and "follower". Traditionally leaders were men and followers were women but the modern interpretation is flexible.

Today there are thriving communities throughout the world, and Lindy Hop can be found in almost every large European or American city.

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